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How Are You Going?

A Study of the Economic, Health and Well Being Consequences of COVID-19, conducted by the University of Melbourne


  • We invite people, all over the world to complete the questionnaire on this site.
  • We want to find out how you are doing, and what effect the COVID-19 crisis has had on you and your family.
  • First, we ask you for some basic facts about you and your household, such as where you live, how old you are, and your living circumstances. We will not ask for your name or address and the responses you choose to provide will be delinked from any
  • identifying information that can be tracked to you.
  • Then we ask some questions about your views about life, and how you’re feeling. There are no right or wrong answers – we just want to know how you’re doing.
  • You can return to this survey as often as you like, to give us an update on how you’re doing.
  • You can track how you’re doing over time and see how that compares to others in your country and around the world

How will we use the information you provide?

  • To find out how people are doing in different countries
  • To find out how different sorts of people are coping during and after COVID-19
  • We will never use your information to identify you personally or to tell others your personal views.
  • We will never share your identity with others