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EPHA’s Bylaw Amended

The amended bylaw of the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) become official for members of the Association during the 24th Annual meeting held this year and endorsed by the general assembly with 219 supports, 0 refusals, 8 abstains. The amendment is aimed at realigning the Association with the new legal frame work introduced in the country under the Charities and Societies Agency which has bestowed with the authority to regulate charities and civil society organizations operating in the county. 
According to the new bylaw, the fiscal year of EPHA is amended from the Ethiopian fiscal calendar to the Gregorian fiscal year, i.e from August 1-July 31 to January1- December 31.

Moreover, detailed additional points are added to the membership criteria, rights and responsibilities as well as on categories of membership; the organizational structure of the Association revised, mainly at the secretariat level with a clear role and mandates and detailed and diversified income sources of the Association were included such as members’ contribution, grant, service charges, publications, training services and research. 
The first Articles of Association were developed on August 1991 (G.C) upon the Association’s legal registration in accordance with the Ethiopian Civil Code No. 404 of 1952 (E.C.) and the registration regulation of associations No. 321/1959. The need to amend the Articles emerged following a new proclamation introduced in 2009, the Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 621/2009. Accordingly, EPHA has been re-registered as “Ethiopian Residents Society" “which are Charities or Societies that are formed under the laws of Ethiopia and consists of Ethiopian Residents, and who receive more than 10 percent of their funds from foreign sources.”
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