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What is CPD?

In order for health workers to provide quality care and meet their communities’ changing health care needs, they must become lifelong learners dedicated to updating their professional knowledge, skills, values, and practice.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to all activities health professionals undertake formally to maintain, update and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in response to the health service needs of the public.

CPD is a systematic and ongoing process of education, in-service training, learning, and support activities that build on initial education and training to ensure continuing competence, extend knowledge and skills to new responsibilities or changing roles, and increase personal and professional effectiveness.

Continuing Education unit (CEU): means the value attached to a learning activity for CPD.

  • CEU for a CPD course shall be obtained only if the course received is accredited by Accreditor.
  • For CPD courses or activities received from abroad (online or face to face), credit points shall be considered based on the CPD guideline.
  • Any CEU obtained from CPD courses provided online or face to face outside Ethiopia should get approval from the Ministry.
  • CEU should only be claimed if the activity or the course is relevant to the applicant's practice.
  • Professionals in all health science fields are required to earn the CEU as per the indication per year on the CPD guideline to get a re-licensure, of which 15 CEU should be for Ethics and professionalism within the licensure period.
  • List of activities that qualify CPD and their respective CEUs allocated are shown in the table on the back page.
  • Professional associations may come up with their recommendations on credit point’s requirements for their respective profession.
  • The maximum credit point that can be earned from a single CPD course shall not exceed 15 CEUs.
  • CEU should be earned from a particular course only once within a license period.
  • CEU collected during one budget year cannot be transferred to another year.
  • A trainer shall not be awarded CEU for delivering the same course more than once within the license period.
  • Professionals attending long-term training leading to change in career may not be obliged to fulfill the CEU requirement for that year.
  • A maximum of 6 hours shall be considered for a day CPD learning activity.

CEU allocation for CPD accredited activities according to the national CPD guideline are listed in the table:




Category I

Face to face training


  • Trainer

2 CEU per 1hour session

  • Trainee

1 CEU per 1 contact hour

E-learning (enduring materials)

1 CEU per 1 hour of engagement


5 CEU per each Ethics training

Category 2

Research (publish a research article in peer review journal) and writing a book on health and health related  areas


  • Principal author of a peer reviewed publication or chapter in a book

15 CEU

  • Co-author/ editor of a peer reviewed publication or chapter in a book


  • Review of an article/ chapter in a book/ journal


  • Advice on masters or doctoral thesis(applies to non-routine tasks)

3 CEU Per Thesis

  • External examiner of a Masters and/ or Doctoral thesis

3 CEU Per Thesis

Training modules including e- learning courses developed by Technical Working Group (TWG)


  • For each TWG member

5 CEU per module

  • CPD Courses reviewer

2 CEU per 1 CPD course

Scientific Conference


  • Oral presentation(abstracts, scientific content

10 CEU per presentation

  • Poster presentation

5 CEU per presentation

  • Attendance

0.25 CEU per 1 hour of attendance

Guest/ occasional lecturer at an accredited institution

3 CEU per lecture



  • Delivering presentation/workshops

2 CEU per 1hour session

  • Attendance

0.5 CEU per 1 hour of attendance

Moderating panel discussion

0.5 CEU per 1hr of engagement

Brief communication (Knowledge Sharing)

1 CEU per session

Structured Health Education session

1 CEU/ session

Educational visit (applicable when evidence generated)

2 CEU per visit

Case management sessions/Grand- round (with a maximum of six meetings per year.)


  • Delivering

2 CEU per session

  • Attendance

0.5 CEU per attendance

Case report


  • Developing/Publish

5 CEU per case

  • Presenting

2 CEU per case