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EPHA-CPD as Provider

EPHA got its provider license from EMA in February 2022. EPHA has been providing capacity building activities as it is shown on its achievement records.
Currently the new EPHA main office is under construction and upon completion will have a state of the art CPD center that is equipped with latest technological support that will facilitate in addressing the health workforce at national & continental level.
Meanwhile EPHA is working in collaboration with EMvA to provide CPD face to face training and is also on the evolvement on the use of other methods for the provision of CPD activities.
EPHA-CPD is also under development of CPD courses that would be a great input for the quality improvement of health care service.
The EPHA House is expected to serve as a center of excellence for learning, research and development, training, and publications and an open place for public health professionals and sister organizations to network themselves, deliberate and exchange information and thoughts of having public health significance.

Class room lectures: Face to face training:


Promotional sessions:


Group activities:


Practical session: using anatomical model