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Publication and Documentation

1. Project Title: CDC; Research Publication and Documentation

2. Project Donor: CDC

3. Project Summary: Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) has been engaged with partnership with CDC by signing cooperative agreement as of Oct.2002.Since then, the Association has provided its professional inputs to improve public health practice and service delivery in Ethiopia. EPHA has given and currently providing a particular emphasis for strengthening, generating, disseminating and utilizing of Strategic Information to enhance evidence based decision making.


4. Project Justifications: The demand for publication from peripheries where there is limited access to strategic information is increasing from year to year. The issue of capacity building by establishing a printing facility is also an essential aspect of sustaining the EPHA publications. By doing so, the EPHA publications could be published and distributed without facing interruption due to price escalating-external threats. The dissemination of different publications, including; the Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, Felege-Tena Newsletter, Public Health Digest and Masters Theses Extract etc will support the decision makers to improve policy formulation and program strategic planning and implementations. However, our practice showed that this way of treating each and every publication resulted in prolonging the time of publications and distribution to members. The number of EPHA members is increasing. However, the price for printing publications is sky- rocketing from time to time. Thus the project is aimed at and will be used to start the activities of EPHA’s printing press.



The EPHA Mini-library is taking a great pace in the dissemination of strategic information for EPHA members and other public health professionals. Moreover, the Center in addition to library services to individuals, it also provides on-line-training. Moreover, it continuously provides internet services to professionals. But, it has limited facilities to render efficient services in terms of space, furniture, computers, reference books and networking tools. Therefore this project is also very important for the purchase of books and training staff on research methodology and ethic. 



5. Project Goal: The overall goal of CDC project is to contribute to attain optimal standard of health care for the people of Ethiopia 



6. Implementation Location:  National