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Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) is a legally registered national, independent, not-for-profit, professional association established in 1989. The Association envisages the attainment of an optimal standard of health for Ethiopians. It promotes better health services to the public and high professional standards through advocacy, networking and dedicated and active involvement of its members. EPHA is closely working with its partners and collaborators to facilitate and accelerate activities of priority public health issues in the country.

EPHA has been delegated by the two African constituencies of the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria namely the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) and West and Central Africa (WCA) constituencies led by Board of Directors to facilitate and support the establishment of the African Constituency Bureau (ACB) for the Global fund in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Africa Constituency Bureau for the Global Fund is under establishment and to make its headquarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The bureau aims at ensuring effective engagement, representation and participation of the Africa constituencies in Global Fund processes as well as enhancing the capacity of the Africa constituencies to shape Global Fund policies and processes.

The Ethiopian Public Health Association would like to hire experienced recruitment firm that undertakes the whole process of recruitment of Executive Director for the Bureau in consultation with EPHA and representatives of the two constituencies in Africa.


The general objective of this call is to identify a recruitment firm that has proven track record in placement of senior Directors for international or regional institutions in Africa in order to handle the recruitment process of the ACB’s Executive Director.

Scope of Work

As part of the assignment, the firm will carry out the following:

  • Prepare job description and specification of the position and standardize in consultation with EPHA
  • Drafting and advertising vacancy notice in suitable regional newspapers and other popular job hunting websites at its own cost
  • Developing job application forms for getting standardized information from applicants
  • Screen applications received against the relevant job description for the positions. 
  • Provide an expert analysis of the resumes received 
  • Prepare a shortlist of candidates for telephone interview
  • Conduct an in depth interview of potential candidates 
  • Conduct reference checks based on information provided by the shortlisted candidates 
  • Identify the best candidate among the applicants.
  • Provide detailed report to EPHA at the end of the selection process, including a detailed evaluation report on each candidate.


The recruitment firm shall come up with a detailed, appropriate and acceptable methodology. The approach to be used to recruit the Executive Director includes advertising vacancy notice in suitable regional newspapers and other popular job hunting websites, developing a standard, application form, receive applications from potential applicants, review and analyze resumes received, shortlist appropriate candidates and conduct telephone interviews and select the best candidate for the position.

EPHA, in consultation with the constituencies’ representatives, will provide all the necessary information and guidance to the firm during the recruitment process.


  • The selected Recruitment Firm should provide weekly regular progress updates to EPHA during the assignment period.
  • The Firm should provide detailed report to EPHA at the end of the 4th week upon completion of the selection process, including a detailed evaluation report on each candidate.

Required experience and expertise

  • The recruitment firm to be selected should have extensive experience at least 10 years’ in executive search and selection assignments, with the ability to attract candidates globally.
  • It should have a proven track record of working with international development organizations and placement of the heads of or senior management teams for such institutions in Africa. 
  • The recruitment firm should have an experienced team with a specified team leader for this assignment. 
  • The team leader will need to have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in executive search; selection and HR related work and should have a Master’s Degree in related field.


The firm should prepare and submit final report regarding the selection process, including a detailed evaluation report on each candidate. The report should clearly indicate the best candidate name and detail address.

Time frame and proposal submission

It is expected that this assignment will take a maximum of four weeks from commencement.

Qualified recruitment firms should present their technical and financial proposals to EPHA in a sealed envelope within 15 days (before 4:00 PM February 10, 2016) at the following address:

Ethiopian Public Health Association
Guinea Street
P.O. Box 7117
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel. 251114166083/41

EPHA reserves the legal right to accept or reject any or all proposals.

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