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Vacancy Announcement

The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) invites qualified and competent applicants for the following post.
Position Title: Executive Director
Required: One
Reports to: Executive Board of EPHA
Job Summary:

The Executive Director (ED) is the principal executive officer and legal representative of EPHA. She/he is responsible for providing strategic direction, planning, organizing and coordinating the overall functions of EPHA. She/he ensures efficient and cost effective operations of all activities and the fulfilment of the mission, goals, and objectives of EPHA. In consultation with the Executive Board and in collaboration with the staff develops annual implementation plans and budget, accomplishes the plan, and ensure that an appropriate monitoring system is in place to track progress and deviations of program implementation. She/he facilitates and strengthens membership and their capacities, dissemination of technical information to members and the public.


Job Responsibility #1: Program Planning and Management

  • Plans, organizes, directs, co-ordinates and controls the day-to-day functions of EPHA;
  • Coordinates the formulation of the EPHA’s short, medium and long-term objectives and overall policies, rules, regulations and guidelines based on the mission, and goals stated in the strategic document of EPHA;
  • Takes the lead responsibility to mobilize resources for cost-effective implementation of the strategic plan of EPHA;
  • Takes the lead responsibility to mobilize resources to ensure sustainable funding for EPHA ongoing activities and new initiatives.
  • Strategize and manage resource mobilization efforts for the construction of the EPHA House;
  • Ensures that all activities are executed as per approved work plan and budget;
  • Takes the lead responsibility for ensuring that EPHA’s monitoring, evaluation and development systems are participatory, effective and responsive to the EPHA members and other stakeholders, and incorporates lessons learned;
  • Ensures clear management, lines of authority and supervision are in place so that effective delegation of authority and responsibility and appropriate functioning of the programs/projects exists in a transparent, accountable and participatory manner.
  • Develops and maintains positive working relationships with MoH, government and non-government stakeholders, higher education institutions and universities, research institutions, professional associations, donor community, foundations and other international and bilateral organizations.
  • Monitors program objectives, tracks implementation and resource utilization, document and reports to the Executive Board.
  • Follows up organizational meetings, national and international conferences and trainings of the Association.

Job Responsibility #2:  Financial and Administrative Management:

  • Ensures that government policies and directives and NGO code of conduct are duly respected in project preparation and reporting;
  • Ensures efficient and cost effective operations of all functions of the Association;
  • Ensures that EPHA’s assets are properly managed and safeguarded;
  • Ensures that EPHA’s policies, procedures and guidelines are properly implemented and followed up by all staff members and contractors;
  • Approves administrative and financial requests within the power delegated to her/him by the Executive Board and policies and regulations of the Association;
  • Ensures that recruitment, placement, training, salary increment, promotion, transfer, job termination and disciplinary measures are executed in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated in the Human Resource Manual;
  • Signs contracts on behalf of EPHA and represents it in all national and/or international dealings and legal obligations.

Job Responsibility #3: Human Resource Management

  • Directs, supervises, leads, guides, coaches and supports the staff responsible to her/him;
  • Evaluates the performance of staff directly responsible to her/him;
  • Assesses human resource development needs and provides training, coaching and mentoring or other activities to increase technical and management skills;
  • Delegates her/his authorities to the employees of EPHA as appropriate and to the extent necessary;
  • Ensures the realization of team spirit, participatory decision-making process, gender sensitivity and balance, cost effectiveness, staff motivation and spirit of dedication at all levels.

Responsibility #4: Monitoring, Evaluation, Networking and Reporting

  • Ensures periodic and regular comprehensive and high quality financial utilization and activity progress reports are produced and submitted to the Board, Donors, and concerned government institutions;
  • Facilitates and ensures that financial statements of EPHA are audited annually and submitted to the General Assembly, donors and concerned government institutions; 
  • Ensures that information on EPHA and on its operation and experiences are documented and best practices and lessons learnt are applied and shared with members and other stakeholders;
  • Establishes and maintains relationship and co-operation with government, donors, sister professional associations, NGOs and other stakeholders to promote the objectives of EPHA and build the image and credibility of the Association;
  • Implements Board and audit recommendations related to the Association.

Responsibility #5: Performs other duties as and when assigned by the Executive Board


  • PhD, Master’s degree in Public Health and/or Health Sciences


  • 12 years of experience, out of which 6 years in senior managerial position.


  • Ability to provide leadership, communicate effectively, and promote a team approach to enhance staff commitment to successfully implement the Association’s strategic plan;
  • Demonstrated technical and managerial ability, sound judgment, ability to interact and work effectively with others at all levels;
  • Good conceptual understanding of participatory approach and sustainable development;
  • Basic computer skills and excellent written and oral communication skills.

Duty Station: Addis Ababa
Salary: As per EPHA pay scale
Duration of Employment: One year with possibility of extension based on performance assessment  
Application Deadline:  May 29, 2015
Interested applicants shall submit their application to:
Ethiopian Public Health Association
Located on the way to “Meskel Flower” near Dreamliner Hotel, G+4 gray Building
Tel: +251-114-166083/+25211-4166041, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


No. 10/2015 Position Title: Assistant Representative – Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Programme Specialist

Type of Contract: Fixed Term     Date of Advertisement: March 31, 2015

Level: NOD                               Closing date: April 17, 2015

Duration: One year, Renewable   Duty Station: Addis Ababa

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