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Field Supervisor 

Project background:

The Ethiopian Public Health Association, in collaboration with US-CDC, Addis Ababa City Administration and Amhara Regional Health Bureaus is undertaking a survey entitled ‘Pediatric Effective Testing and Enrollment: HIV Prevalence in High-Risk Settings of Selected Health Facilities in Ethiopia’, in eight facilities selected from Amhara and Addis Ababa regions. Hence, EPHA is currently expecting applications from potential candidates for the following vacancy.

Position:  Field Supervisor

Job Responsibilities: The supervisor will be responsible for coordinating the activities of data collectors and will be tasked with the following responsibilities:

Team Leader

Position:                       Team Leader
No. required:                15
Location:                       Countrywide
Salary and benefits:      Competitive and per the salary scale of EPHA
Terms of employment:  Project based, Six months with possible extension
Project:                         Survey Management Sub-Grant in Support of the Ethiopian Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment
Report to:                      EPHIA Field Coordinator



Position:                       Interviewer
No. required:                100
Location:                       Countrywide
Salary and benefits:      Competitive and per the salary scale of Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA)
Terms of employment:  Project based, Six months with possible extension
Project:                          Survey Management Sub-Grant in Support of the Ethiopian Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (EPHIA) Project 
Reporting to:                 EPHIA Team Leader

Consultancy and Training, Research and Development

Location: Addis Ababa

Salary: as per the scale of the organization
Job Description


EPHA believes and focuses on the common progress of individuals and organizations through continuous training and learning to enable employees and improve their level of knowledge and skill to achieve the sustainable development.  

In line with this, EPHA has been providing health research methodology and ethics + STATA training, which is modular based (six standard modules) training , for members including middle and higher level health professionals working in the health sector. EPHA has planned to deliver this training to 15 members in one round in 2016/2017 fiscal year which will be given from August 22 to September 2/2017 at Bishoftu Town.

EPHA requires services of 3 experts (One epidemiologist =9 days, one Biostatistician =9 days and another one Statistician=3 days) for the planned health research methods and ethics + STATA training scheduled from August 22 to September 2, 2017.   

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