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Announcement for Final Evaluation of the Strategic Plan of EPHA

Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) is a non-government, member-based, not-for profit, professionals association with its member working in all parts of Ethiopia and out of the country. The Association, established in 1989, has been playing important role in the national effort to improve the health of Ethiopian and the health service system.

EPHA has designed and is implementing an organization wide strategic plan (SP) for 2010-2014. Now, it is the time to conduct final evaluation of the SP; and this end term-term evaluation (ETE) is announced to solicit the services of competent consult. The evaluation should be completed in 45 days from the award of the contract.

Qualified consultants/firms should present their technical and financial proposal to EPHA in a sealed envelope within 15 days (till July 20, 2014) of the announcement at the following address:

EPHA, Meskel Flower Area, Near Dreamliner Hotel
P.O.Box 7117, Tel. 01146088/89
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

An interested consultant/firm can collect the ToR from the Association, from the above mentioned address.

Call for Consultancy Service

1. Background
The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) is a legally registered national, not-for-profit and multidisciplinary professional association. It was established in 1990 with the objective of contributing to the attainment of an optimal standard of health for the people of Ethiopia. EPHA is committed to improve the health and living status of the people of Ethiopia through advocacy, networking and the active and dedicated involvement of its 5,055 members belonging to varying professional categories and levels of qualifications.
As a sub-recipient to PSI/E, EPHA serves as a research and policy advisory partner on the MULU/MARPs HIV prevention project and responsible for generating strategic information to support evidence-based programming and for facilitating supportive policy environment. To that effect, EPHA will take responsibility to hire and supervise qualified consultants to conduct desk review and situational analysis of female condom and lubricants in Ethiopia.

2. Objectives of the Consultancy Work

The overall objective of this consultancy work is to assess the policy, community and service environment, the logistic system for female condom and lubricant programming and to provide the basis for the development of a female condom strategic plan.

The consultant will address the following specific objectives

• Asses existing female condom outlets and distribution/sales data.
• Asses existing female condom transportation, warehousing and logistics systems.
• Review promising practices, recommendations and challenges related to female condom programming.
• Indicate the role of the public, commercial, and subsidized/social marketing sectors.
• Identify current bottlenecks in the distribution and transportation of female condom and lubricants.
• Develop a segmentation and gap analysis of the current universe of need for female condoms and lubricants for HIV prevention in Ethiopia.
• Map intended activities by partners on female condom and lubricants.

3. Qualifications needed

• A team of consultants with advanced degree in Public Health or other related fields.
• Previous work experience at policy level in HIV prevention and RH programs, particularly in designing HIV prevention or related strategies.
• Experience in workshop organizing and facilitation skills.
• Excellent report writing skills.
• Experience in developing condom strategy documents or TMA assessments is a plus.

How to Apply
Interested applicants can collect the TOR from the EPHA office and submit technical and financial proposals in separate envelops along with CVs and other credentials within 15 days from the date of announcement to the following address.

Click here to Download TOR 


Ethiopian Public Health Association
Tel: 0114 -166083/0114-166041 7117
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia